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Senior Frontend Engineer | Highly skilled in Angular, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

This article gives a brief overview of template literals in JavaScript and towards the end, we will see how we can use tagged templates to build a working translation function that is fun to use when we are dealing with static text that needs to be rendered in multiple languages.

What are Template Literals?

  1. Write multi-line string literals.
  2. Embed expressions in the string and have the JavaScript Runtime interpolate them for you. Interpolate or Interpolation is just a fancy word for the process of parsing a string with a bunch of placeholders and replacing the placeholders with their actual values.

Multi-line strings

const paragraphSimple =
"This is a very long paragraph. \n "…

This article will show you how you can write a customizable tree control using the power of angular templates and content projection.


export interface TreeItem {
children?: TreeItem[];
expanded?: boolean;

Lets build the template

This article shows you how to create an advanced structural directive similar to Angular’s own ngFor and use that to render a long list using progressive rendering concept.


Setup and brief structural directives refresher.

<li *ngxtFor="
let item of longList;
itemsAtOnce: 500;
intervalLength: 50">
Item - {{}}

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